Metal Roofing Cost Vs Shingle

Choosing a suitable roofing material is essential whether you are a homeowner or a commercial building owner. Today, there are multiple types of roofing available in the market. Choosing the best roofing material from so many roofing types is sometimes adamant.

Two significant roofing types mainly used for buildings are metal roofing and shingles. Knowing about metal roofing costs vs shingle roofing costs is very fruitful. You will learn about comparing these two major roofing in this article.

What kind of factors must you take in mind before investing in roofing?

Once you decide to install roofing for your building, you must take care of several things to get more benefits with minimal cost.

  • The first thing you should keep in mind while investing in installing new roofing is cost-effectiveness. In the market, many different types of roofing are available, with different costs. You have a very long range of costs from cheaper to expensive in the roofing. It is recommended that you choose moderate cost; if you buy low-cost roofing, you can not get maximum from it.
  • The second thing you must take of is the durability factor of the roofing. Some types of roofing can last longer than 100 years, and some types of roofing can only survive for 10 to 20 years. An expert advises choosing the long-life roofing system for your building.
  • The third factor is that the roofing you choose must look good aesthetically. Special if your building has inclined roofs. Because on the inclined roof, the roofing is visible and significantly impacts your living. So be wise and keep in mind this factor too.
  • The last but not minor factor that you should keep in mind before investing in a roofing system, and this factor is “maintenance cost.” Many homeowners calculate the purchasing cost and installation costs as the total cost. But the maintenance cost also has a lot of significance. Different type of roofing materials has a different maintenance cost. If you talk about metal roofing costs vs. shingle roofing maintenance costs, you can conclude that the cost is meager.

Metal roofing costs vs shingle roofing cost

In this article section, you will learn about metal roofing and shingle roofing costs. After reading this section, you can find the best fit roofing according to your needs. Today in the market, both “metal roofing and shingles” are in trend. You have to look at more than one aspect to determine the exact cost of metal roofing and shingle roofing.

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Metal roofing

Before digging into the metal roofing cost, you must first know about metal roofing. Metal roofing is a building roofing usually made with the following metals.

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Metal roofing comes in multiple forms for selling. Most of the time, the following are the common forms currently available in the market.

  • Corrugated metals
  • Slate roofs
  • Tile roofs

If you choose metal roofing for your building, then it is an intelligent choice that you are making. But at first, you must bear some extra money on metal roofing. This extra money will give you a lot of benefits like mentioned below.

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long age
  • Sturdiness
  • Energy efficiency

Cost of metal roofing

After knowing about metal roofing, it is now time to know about metal roofing costs. The average metal roofing cost is around $3 to $14 per square foot. The actual cost of metal roofing heavily depends on the type of metal roofing.

For example, copper metal roofing is the most expensive roofing on the market. The cost of metal roofing per square foot is about $10 to $18. The installation cost of metal roofing is between $30000 to $54000, depending on the roof size.

Aluminum roofing is one of the cheapest metal roofing, costing you around $3 to $4 per square foot without installation cost. On average, the installation cost of aluminum metal roofing is between $9000 to $27000.

Shingle roofing

Shingle roofing is a cheaper option as compared to metal roofing. The most common type of shingle used currently is s asphalt shingles. Shingle roofing is the best option when you have a meager budget for roofing. Usually, shingle roofing is preferred for domestic installation at a lower cost. But if you calculate total cost throughout its life span, you conclude that shingle roofing is a price affair.

There are multiple benefits that you can get from shingle roofing installation. Some benefits are described below.

  • Available in multi-color option
  • Lightweight
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to install
  • Longer durability

Cost of shingle roofing

The cost of shingle roofing is dependent on many factors. These factors are mentioned below.

  • The material of shingle roofing
  • The installation cost and labor cost
  • Slope roofing

The average cost of metal roofing is around $15.9 per square foot. The cheapest shingle roofing can cost you around $9 per square foot. The most expensive roofing shingles cost nearly $20.8 per square foot.


Roofing is essential for commercial and residential buildings these days. If you install the roofing in your building, you can get many benefits. The most important types of roofing are meta and shingle roofing. Knowing about metal roofing costs vs shingle roofing costs can give you a better understanding of them. After reading this article, you can choose between metal and shingle roofing.


Which is the best roofing, metal roofing or shingle roofing?

Both roofing is suitable for your building. If you have a lower budget, then you should choose shingle roofing. Shingle roofing has a short life span. If you want long-term roofing, you should select metal roofing. Metal roofing is expensive.

What is the difference between metal roofs and shingles in terms of leakage?

Metal roofs can leak more than shingles if they are installed incorrectly. Despite this, metal roofs shed snow and ice to prevent moisture buildup if appropriately installed by an experienced contractor.

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