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Dubai is the wealthiest and most modern country in the Gulf states. Dubai has a lot of qualities to attract a lot of business and tourists. Once Dubai was a poor deserted country, but now it is the most advanced country. Abu Dhabi is Dubai’s capital city and has a lot of attractions. If you are on the same list of people who want to live in Abu Dhabi, then you must be aware of Abu Dhabi’s cost of living. In this article, you will learn about the Abu Dhabi cost of living calculation.

To get the average living price in Abu Dhabi, you must know the cost of groceries, housing, rent, transport, and other daily usage things.

What is the cumulative cost of living in Abu Dhabi?

UAE has a lot of famous cities. Abu Dhabi is also a very popular city in UAE for multiple reasons. The culture of Abu Dhabi is fascinating. If you want to search for jobs in Abu Dhabi, you do not have to wait long to find a good job. Because there is plenty of job opportunities available in Abu Dhabi. A lot of students also choose Abu Dhabi to get an education.

The average cost of living in Abu Dhabi highly depends on the location you choose for your living purposes. For example, the central locations of Abu Dhabi are more expensive than its suburbs. However, If you want to live in Abu Dhabi with your family, you must pay at least $4000 as living costs in the capital city. If you are still a bechlor or a student, you can expect to spend at least $2300 to fulfill your need and requirements.

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To make it easy to know more about Abu Dhabi’s cost of living, this post cover different day-to-day expenses with a heading. After reading them, you will get a better idea of living cost in Abu Dhabi.

Accommodation cost

When you plan to move to Abu Dhabi, the first issue you will face is, getting suitable accommodation as you know that wherever you live, the cost of living in main areas of any city is higher compared to the city’s side areas. The same case exists for the accommodation cost in Abu Dhabi. Rent for accommodation is highly dependent on the following factors.

  • Size of the house
  • Location of the house
  • The living quality of the area

If you only want live solo in Abu Dhabi, then a one-bedroom apartment is the best fit for you. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is only $1400 per month, which is for the prime location of Abu Dhabi.

The one-bedroom apartment’s rent rate in the city’s suburbs is approximately $1100.

And if you had a plan to move and live in Abu Dhabi with your family, you have to get an apartment with at least three bedrooms. The rent in Abu Dhabi for three bedrooms apartment is nearly $2877.

Groceries bills

Once you have settled down and gotten an apartment in Abu Dhabi, the first thing you need is groceries. You can not use the grocery cost to calculate the total Abu Dhabi cost of living. The grocery cost depends on your selection of different things like food preferences etc. However, if you want to live in Abu Dhabi, you have to pay an average cost of groceries, around $110 per month; this is the grocery price for a single person.

The average grocery cost for a family of four is approximately $1100 per month. The grocery price can also vary if you purchase more imported things. However, if you buy locally made groceries, you can save money.

Following are the rates of some essential items that are used daily.

  • Milk       $1.07/ liter
  • Rice        $1.68/ kilo gram
  • Eggs       $2.60/ dozen (Regular size)
  • Banana $2.09/ dozen
  • Cheese $2.29/ 200 grams

Transportation Abu Dhabi cost

Compared to other parts of the world, the transportation cost in Abu Dhabi is meager. Because here in Abu Dhabi, the gasoline prices are meager. In the city, there are several modes of transportation available. Using this transportation means one person can easily reach from the far side of the city to the central part of the city.

If you have your own car for transportation, you can buy fuel by paying $0.90/ liter.

If you do not have your own car for transportation, then the second option in Abu Dhabi is to buy a bus ticker. The bus ticket cost you $0.54 only. You can also buy a monthly bus pass for only $21.78.

If you do not want to avail yourself of the above two options, you can hire a taxi at $0.54 per hour.

Cost of restaurant food

The food at the restaurant is affordable in non-five-star hotels. You can eat in the restaurant. It is recommended to do some research and choose the restaurant according to your budget. However, the cost of alcohol is much higher than in any other country. The average meal cost in Abu Dhabi is around $8 per person, and the cost of alcohol is approximately $10/ 0.5 liter. A water bottle costs you in Abu Dhabi only $ 1 per liter.

Utility cost

Overall, utility cost in Abu Dhabi is cheaper, except for the electricity cost. Because Abu Dhabi is a sweltering city, you cannot survive without Air Conditioner. You can expect a bill of $116 for essential utilities like water, electricity, garbage, etc. The internet in the city can cost you $106 per month.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you can better understand Abu Dhabi’s cost of living. The costs described above can vary slightly because of the fluctuation in the rates of different things. So, get some help from Abu Dhabi residents to get the exact cost of living.


How much did you earn monthly to live in Abu Dhabi?

To fulfill your need for a whole month in Abu Dhabi, you must earn approximately $4000 per month. However, if you work in a technology company or industry, you can easily earn $4004 per week in Abu Dhabi.

How would you rate Abu Dhabi as a place to live?

The city of Abu Dhabi is much calmer, more traditional, and more family and community-centered than Dubai. There is a greater emphasis on achieving a good work-life balance in the capital. Even though Dubai is great for shopping, I am much happier in Abu Dhabi now that I am closer to it.

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