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Kristian Nairn is a Northern Irish nationality holder. He got fame from his work in the super-duper web series “Gamed of Throne.” Kristian Nairns height is more than average height. You will learn about the exact height of Kristian Nairn later in the article. Most people think Kristian Nairn is only a professional actor from Ireland, but fewer people know that he is also an excellent DJing and guitar skills. Kristian Nairn also works in multiple successful movies and TV series.

In this article, you will learn exciting facts about Kristian Nairn like his personal life, height, career, and other interesting facts about him that you must know as a fan ho him.

Kristian Nairn biography

The date of birth of Kristian Nairn is the 25th of November 1975. He was born in the famous city of the United Kingdom named Lisburn. Lisburn is a city located in the northern parts of Ireland. This city is situated on the bank of River Lagan. If you want to go to Lisburn, you must move approximately 8 miles in the direction of the southwest from the central city of Belfast.

There is not much information about him currently present online. However, he is very active on social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. He has earned a lot of fame and respect by working as an actor and musician.

In which school where did Kristian Nairn get his education?

Kristain Niran spent his early life days at Lisburn, Irelan, where he was born. He went to the “Hillhall Primary School” to get his primary education.

What is the age of Kristian Nairn?

As mentioned earlier, Kristian Nairn was born in 1975. And as of 2022, he is currently 46 years old.

What is the Zodiac sign of Kristian Nairn?

According to the astrological information about Kristian Nairn, he is a proud Sagittarian as the zodiac sign of Kristian Nairn is Sagittarius. Sagittarians has independent personality. It is also part of the nature of sanitarians that they do what they want at any cost. They are intelligent and take a keen interest in adventurous activities. Risk-taking is also a core value of Sagittarians. Sagittarians possess a lot of emotional intelligence, which is the main reason for their vast social network.

As a Sagittarian, Kristian Niran has all the characteristics described above.

How much Kristian Nairn height is?

Kristian Nairn had a pretty impressive height. The height of Kristian Nairn is also a reason for his fame and identification. When Kristian Nairn stands in a gathering, you can quickly locate him due to his towering height. In figures, Kristian Nairn’s height is six feet and eight inches. This height is almost equal to 2.03 meters.

He is a considerable guy, as you had seen him in the famous HBO web series “Games of Throne.” Kristian Nairn thinks about his height that “ taller people are more competitive than other people”. And they always want to look taller in every situation.

Talking about his height, Kristian shares some memories from the games of the throne serial. He said he wanted to look taller than Ian White (White Walker in Games of Throne), who has a height of seven feet and three inches.

The weight of Kristian Nairn

At the age of 46, with a height of six feet and nine inches, Kristian Nairn currently has a total body weight of one hundred and seventy-two kilograms. The weight of Kristian Nairn is almost equal to three hundred and eighty Pound. Though this is quite a lot of excess weight according to the BMI ratio, he still maintained his health with this body weight.

What is the color of Kristian Nairn’s hair and eyes?

With the white ethnicity, the color of Kristian Nairn’s hair is grey, and he has light brown color eyes.


Kristain Nairn is an actor, DJ, and musician by profession. He performs well in these three fields. But he got a boost in his fame and career when he was cast in the famous HBO web series Games of Throne. In this web series, he got the role of a particular person suffering from a disease called “Expressive Aphasia.” In this disease, a man can listen and understand but can’t speak much. Often Expressive Aphasia sufferers can speak only one or two words.

Like in the Games of Throne, Kristian Nairn has the “Hodor” named character and can only speak Hodor throughout. Along with working in Games of Thrones, Kristian Nairn worked in multiple successful films. Some names of his films are mentioned below.

  • The Appearance                               2018
  • Robin Hood: Rebellion                  2018
  • Mythica: The God slayer               2016
  • The Four Warriors                           2015
  • The Little People                             —

Along with these movies, Kristian Nairn works in some blockbuster TV series. Some names of famous TV series in which Kristian Nairn performed are mentioned below.

  • Our Flag Means Death                   2022
  • Games of Thrones                           2011-2019
  • The sideman show                          2018
  • The Rockie                                          2018
  • Ripper street                                     2012-13
  • Chronicles of Comic Con              2013

As a musician, Kristian Nairn sings Dance and Electronic Genre songs. He also released a record label named “Radikal Records.” Kristian Nairn also released a music album, which is “4love”. Some of the famous songs of Kristian Nairn are mentioned below.

  • Zyphyr                                                  2019
  • Moondancer                                      2021
  • Bigger                                                   —
  • Evolve                                                  —
  • Light stream                                       —
  • Beacon                                                 —

How much net worth does Kristian Nairn has?

According to the well-known resources, as of 2022, Kristian Nairn has a total net worth of five hundred thousand US dollars. Most of his wealth comes from his music and acting career.


Kristian Nairn is a 46-year-old Northern Irish citizen famous for acting in films and tv shows. Kristian Nairn height is 2.03 meters, and he is a healthy and wealthy individual. Currently, he used to live with his mother.


Does Kristian Nairn is a gay?

Kristian Nairn admitted in a tv show interview that he belongs to the gay community.

Does Kristian Nairn is working as an actor currently?

As per Kristian Nairn’s Instagram account, he is currently working on “Our Flag Means Death.” It is also a TV series on HBO.

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