Soft Boy Aesthetic

With Tik-Tok and K-Pop, soft boy aesthetics have become a worldwide fashion trend. Be the e-famous smooth boy you’ve always wanted to be! Soft boy aesthetics challenge our culture’s traditional views of masculinity. He explores more modes of self-expression sensitivity and has a deep affinity for all things artistic.

Instead of watching a soccer or baseball match with the boys, a soft boy prefers to play League of Legends in the afternoons while listening to K-pop. As an aesthetic rooted in modern progressive ideals, the delicate boy aesthetic embraces femininity and rejects toxic masculinity.

Soft Boy Aesthetic

This vintage look has become a fashion trend that ladies find irresistible in all layers of society: from social media to cafes to college campuses. This aesthetic embraces emotions and free expression through vintage pieces. The ideal soft boy’s outfit projects an artistic, sensitive, and confident spirit.

Despite celebrities like Harry Styles and Timothée Calame popularizing the soft boy aesthetic, you can get a dull boy outfit for a surprisingly low price! We will recommend our favorite smooth boy aesthetic pieces for this year so that you can be as fashionable as a K-pop star without spending a fortune!

How then can you look delicate through aesthetics?

The softer boy aesthetic has recently returned, but it is more than just fashion. As the name implies, soft guys are males who identify as being men and who have more delicate characteristics that are generally associated with feminine

8 best items required for soft boy aesthetic

1. Soft boy’s shirt for spring

It embodies the soft boy aesthetic to own We Gathered in spring by Frank Moth. This 100% cotton shirt is combed ring-spun and normal with a wide frontal print in vibrant colors. A soft boy outfit needs a shirt design that expresses artistic depth and creativity. This piece is also easy to combine and incredibly affordable, making it a must-have for the new season.

2. Jeans by Levi’s 510.

These Levi’s 510s have a stylish skinny fit and an extra-stretchy fabric that gives you more freedom of movement. Moreover, this model’s stunning Sinaloa medium wash color matches perfectly with light, pastel, and even dark tops. As a staple in soft boy aesthetics, the 510 is an all-around, stylish piece for everyday use.

3. Far fetch’s an oversized sweater, the so fly.

A clear example of the soft boy aesthetic is the Far fetch So Fly Oversized Sweater. Oversized sweaters are always in style, but they come into their own during winter. When paired correctly, they are energetic and artistic pieces that perfectly fit a soft boy aesthetic. The So Fly sweater comfortably hugs you at wrist level to prevent your legs from looking short. When adding a couple of inches to your height, we recommend wearing minimalist elevator shoes with your oversized sweater.

4. The Levi Original Fit Jeans for Men.

Levi Strauss invented the Levi 501 back in 1873, and if you’re looking for a classic and iconic model, this is it. Soft boy aesthetics entails incorporating vintage pieces for a sense of style, confidence, and good taste. These jeans make the best smooth boy outfit pants for today’s youth. The Levi 501 has been incorporated into the outfits of different eras and movements throughout history. Activists, fashionistas, and soft boys alike are wearing these pants all the time, just like they did back in the 70s and 80s.

5. Levi Jeans: Timeless appeal.

You can enjoy all the glory that high-quality pants brought to everyone during the 70s, 80s, and 90s with the Loose Levi Jeans. They have a loose fit that stretches from your hips to your ankles, making them extraordinarily comfortable and fluffy inside. This pair of Levi Jeans are designed to make the rest of your outfit pop. The delicate contrast they provide makes your footwear stand out naturally when paired with brightly colored shirts and monochromatic sweaters. They are an essential part of the soft boy aesthetic.

6. The Funnel Neck Sweater.

As one of the most iconic K-pop and e-boy fashion pieces, the ASOS Design Funnel Neck Sweater is a must-have. The beautifully soft knit piece features the iconic funnel neck design, drop shoulders, and ribbed trim that K-pop stars have recently become famous for. This sweater style brings sophistication and artistic style that perfectly fits the soft boy aesthetic. You can pair it with dark jeans or other vintage pieces for casual events and gatherings, as it is equally elegant as it is charming.

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7. Men’s Jazz Original shoes are an All-Time Saucing favorite.

You can’t go wrong with the Jazz Originals for a retro and classic look. In addition to the brand’s iconic style, these sneakers feature a host of next-level ergonomic features that keep your feet comfortable and stylish. These Jazz Originals are perfect for everyday wear and can even help you improve your posture over time!

8. Chuck Taylors: Your best high-sock allies.

Many famous musicians and artists have chosen the Chuck Taylor Classic as their unofficial sneaker. Their low profile and slim silhouette resemble vintage urban style, making them pop culture. Chuck Taylor All-Stars offer just enough padding to keep the shoe light, comfortable, and durable (one pair can last for years). Curvy shape, next-level comfort, and iconic design perfectly complement the soft boy aesthetic in general.

How to get a soft boy aesthetic?

Building a Soft Boy Wardrobe

To achieve a Soft Boy look, start by building a wardrobe of comfortable, versatile pieces. Look for oversized sweaters, loose-fitting T-shirts, and cozy flannels in neutral colors like beige, white, and gray. Pair these with loose-fitting pants, like joggers or slouchy jeans, and invest in a pair of comfortable sneakers or loafers.

Accessorizing the Soft Boy Look

Accessorizing is key to achieving a Soft Boy aesthetic. Look for simple, understated accessories like beanies, lightweight scarves, and minimalist jewelry. A pair of trendy, oversized sunglasses can also add to the overall look.

Hair and Grooming for the Soft Boy

Hair and grooming are also important when it comes to achieving a Soft Boy look. Opt for a messy, bedhead-style hairstyle, and keep facial hair neatly trimmed. When it comes to grooming, prioritize comfort and simplicity. Stick to basic skincare routines and avoid heavy makeup.


Despite the popularity of soft boy aesthetics, K-pop and vintage style are undoubtedly year’s styles. The quiet boy aesthetic is more than a trend; it sends a powerful message: traditional ideas of masculinity are obsolete. To embrace your artistic side and reject toxic masculinity, you must exude the confidence that makes K-pop artists so appealing and fashionable. You can quickly reproduce the entire aesthetic for a fraction of the cost, and you will undoubtedly stand out among the ladies too!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How does soft aesthetics work?

A softie is a group of aesthetics dedicated to going for as cutesy of a look as possible, putting it in a trifecta of aesthetics, alongside VSCO and E-People.

  • Is it hard to get a soft aesthetic for boys? 

Combining a striped long sleeve tee with black or light wash skinny jeans and crisp white sneakers makes a casual soft boy look. Cuff your pants and accessorize to your heart’s content. It’s not uncommon for smooth boys to wear striped t-shirts underneath long-sleeve white t-shirts. Your tees should have a large, vintage feel.

  • What is the ideal aesthetic for men?

Make sure your pants are tailored and slim-fitting; you don’t want them baggy and puddling at your ankles; you want the visual illusion of more aesthetic clothing. The only guys who should wear horizontal stripes are thin; those wearing vertical lines are bigger guys (or stick with a solid color).

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