tribal braids side part

African tribes have traditionally worn braids to convey their status in society, age, marital status, wealth, religion, and wealth. African-American women think tribal braids are cool, trendy, and fashionable, which is why they are such a great protective hairstyle. Fulani braids (the most traditional tribal braid) are the most popular, followed by middle part tribal braids, then goddess braids.

How long do tribal braids last?

The tribal braids should last for four to six weeks. The length of the tribal braids depends on the size of the head. It is recommended that jumbo tribal braids be worn for four weeks and medium tribal braids for four to six weeks. How long you wear braids will also depend on how well they are maintained.

Determine the look you want first, and ensure the foundation is not too tight. As a result, you’ll avoid scalp soreness, headaches, and hair traction. While many of us grew up believing that getting braids installed meant being overly tight, we now know that this is the exact opposite of what you want.

Side Part Tribal Braids

Diamond and square face shapes look best with side-parted hairstyles. Side partings emphasize your cheekbones and eyes and show off your angular Jawline. Side parts look soft and feminine when paired with tribal braids. A goddess braid seems particularly good with this look.

Koudou says; protective hairstyles shouldn’t last more than two months with extensions, whereas feed-in cornrows will usually be removed after one week with feed-in cornrows. Wearing them too long will dehydrate your hair and limit its growth.

To keep your hair healthy, schedule regular trims. You can also do back-to-back styles if necessary. According to her, using box braids with extensions and then switching to a more straightforward manner, such as plaiting or twisting, is an effective way to protect your hair. However, each method puts different strains on it.

Best Tribal Braids Side Part Styles

Boxes of braids

Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles because they are easy to maintain and highly versatile, which means that they aren’t necessarily boring. Would you like to know one way? A large section makes the braiding and maintenance easier, and it is more dramatic.

Braids without knots

It’s easy to see why knotless box braiding has become increasingly popular in recent years. Because braiders start with your natural hair rather than adding extensions at the roots, the braids are more comfortable, and there is less risk of breakage since braiders begin with your hair. In addition to its seamless appearance, the knot-free style adds a sleek look.

Fulani Braids with Beads

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Solange enhanced her Fulani braids by covering almost all of them with beads. You can accessorize your braids with your favorite accessories (such as a mask) for a modern and bold look. This look has been shaken to the core.

Ribbon-Laced Braid

Is this the year for braids? If you combine beads, fabric, or jewelry with braids or faux locs, you will add depth and definition to the style, says Araxi Lindsey, the stylist behind the stunning natural hair looks on Black-ish. She takes a standard three-strand style in this braid and transforms it into unique.

Plaited Updo

Koudou designed the regal updo to give your braids a stylish twist. A Yoruba royal hairstyle is not only stunning to look at but also pays homage to the ancestors who discovered innovative ways to maintain their locks before we were even born.

Braided fishtails

Adding a fishtail braid to her faux ponytail, Tracee Ellis Ross made it longer and more textured. Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey is a good hair pomade that can make your hair extra sleek and shiny. It will make your hair look radiant while smoothing back flyaways.

A faux ponytail with cornrows

The braided cornrows into a faux pony are the best of both worlds: a style that is intricate but also has maximum volume. Add some color to your style by weaving it into your cornrows or adding a bright ponytail to create a color-blocked look. Your class will look adorable no matter what you do.

Fulani braided hair

To add a layer of texture to Fulani braids, add defined baby hairs. There are many different ways to part these braids-overlapping braids, geometric shapes-and they always look fresh and never get boring. Fulani Braids are tribal braids with cornrows braided from front to back across the forehead. Additional cornrows are braided and hung on either side of the head. The practice of adding wooden, metal, or plastic beads, or other attachments, is widespread in Afrocentric jewelry.


  • Protective styles promote hair growth, right?

A protective style can not only encourage hair growth but also protect it from damage and help it maintain moisture.

  • Are braids bad for your hair?

Pulling your ponytail or braid too tightly could make your hair break, Mirmirani warns. Wearing your hair that way every day can harm your hair permanently.”

  • Does protective styling harm your hair?

When left for too long, a protective style can tangle, dry out, break, mat, and accumulate dirt and grease.