Bart Millard

Bart Millard is a singer and also a songwriter. He is well known as the band MercyMe’s lead singer. He not only performed with the band, but he also recorded solo records. He is among the most well-known singer.

 He has also got a position among the most popular singers. He wants to become a footballer, but his dream ended due to his injury while playing football. In this article, we will discuss Bart Millard Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, and all other information you want.

Bart Millard Early Life

American singer-songwriter Bart Marshall Millard was born in Greenville, Texas, on December 1, 1972. Bart had a career as a professional athlete since he was a little boy, with a concentration on American football. His hope was destroyed when he got an ankle injury in a football game. While still in high school, which stopped him from achieving his dream.

His father was treated for cancer during his first year of high school, and five years later, during Bart’s first semester of college, the disease took his life. James Bryson, a musician, and Bart worked while traveling to Switzerland. After returning from this trip, he was motivated to start a full-time music career. So he and his few friends traveled to Oklahoma City and started the band MercyMe.

Bart Millard’s Personal Life

Regarding his private life, it is known that Millard married Shannon. The couple lives in Greenville, Texas, and has five children together. Sam, their oldest kid, was only two years old when he received a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Bart uses social media profiles to be quite active online. He uses his Twitter account, which has more than 100,000 followers, to express himself by posting some of his everyday thoughts there.

He is still a huge football lover and watches the National Football League quite often. Bart’s father was brutal abuse when he was a kid. But after receiving a cancer diagnosis, his entire outlook on life changed, and he fell in love with Jesus.


After his father passed away in 1991, his minister extended a request for him to join the church’s worship team. Bart Millard agreed to join the band’s staff. In short, he used the band’s audio and video equipment to play.

More specifically, when they traveled to Switzerland, he joined James Bryson in playing the piano. He was motivated to start a long-lasting musical career by this trip. So he moved to Oklahoma City with his two companions after that. And they formed a group called MercyMe.


A modern Christian music group called MercyMe was founded in Edmon, Oklahoma, in 1994. Millard, Nathan Cochran on bass, Robby Schaffer on drums, Michael Scheuchzer on guitar, and Barry Graul on guitars make up the band. The band had released six indie albums before being signed to INO Records in 2001.

They have published eight albums, including a greatest hits collection and six that have earned gold certification. The band has won eight Dove Awards and received eight Grammy Awards nominations. The hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” is sampled in their song “Even If,” which spent three weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot Christian Songs list.

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Solo Albums

Millard made two albums motivated by his grandmother and father since he had promised his grandmother that he would make a hymn album. In addition to his work with MercyMe, Bart has released several solo albums, including “Hymned No. 1,”.

He recorded to keep a promise he made to his grandmother to finish recording a hymn album before she passed away. He also made a second hymn CD to teach the importance of hymns in his children’s lives. He claims that the purpose of his solo is to explore musical emotions that MercyMe would not have been able to address.

The Great Revival era has been compared with his second hymn album. His second album, Hymned Again, received a solo Grammy nomination. Additionally, he has expressed interest in recording a third hymn album.

What is the Net Worth of Bart Millard

This popular rock performer combines unexpected styles to produce unique songs, which led to his 2008 Grammy nomination. Bart Millard’s projected income is challenging to determine. However, the data indicates that he now has a net worth of $5 million. Since 2004, he has been actively involved in the industry, and his celebrity has opened other opportunities. Most of the earnings of Bart Millard’s are from his solo albums.

One of the top-selling Christian singles is his song “I Can Only Imagine,” which has sold over 2.5 million copies. Bart Millard uses social media activity and generates income there as well. The film “I Can Only Imagine” is another significant source of his income. Bart Millard has his own home, which has a large swimming pool, Garage, and library. Bart Millard also contributes some of the amounts to needy people. He also has excellent influence all around the world.

Awards and Achievements

The group has received numerous Grammy nominations and eight Dove Awards. Millard was recognized as the best male vocalist by Christianity Today in 2005 for his work on the MercyMe CD the Christmas Sessions and the solo album Hymned No. 1. In 2005, Millard’s Hymned was voted No. 1 by Christianity Today as the ninth-best album of the year.


After reading this article, one can conclude that Bart Millard leads a Christian rock band with outstanding talent. He is pretty charismatic. In his early years, he had many highs and lows. But he keeps working hard and wins recognition all across the world. His music career became famous daily, and he continued to put effort into his music career.


  • Did Bart Millard perform at an Amy Grant concert?

He was invited to join them on stage at a concert during Gospel Music Week by Amy Grant and Vince Gill.

  • Did Amy Grant assist Bart Millard?

Without Amy Grant’s Generous Act, such Success Would Not Have Been Possible. “I Can Only Imagine,” a song by MercyMe’s lead singer Bart Millard, recalls the passing of his father.

  • Where has Bart’s mother left to?

Till the third grade, Bart lived with his mother. The decision to leave with her third husband was made by his mother at that time. Bart and Stephen, Bart’s older brother, were instructed to stay with their father.