Mako Glider

Mako Glider Fortnite

The cosmetics for Fortnite are pretty popular, and players are not scared to spend money on them. While skins get the most attention, gliders and backbitings are not far behind. In Season 1, Mako, an Uncommon Glider in Battle Royale, was available from the Item Shop.

 Mako could also be acquired by advancing to Level 25 during Season 1. It is a typical glider that was last seen in Season 1 and has since been destroyed. This article will discuss how to get a Mako Glider Fortnite, Rarest Gliders in Fortnite, and all the other information you want to know.

How to get Mako Glider Fortnite?

The Fortnite Mako glider was one of the initial Season 1 awards, providing players that reached the required level with a bit of additional style during their drop to the island. Despite its relatively basic design, the Mako, sometimes known as the “Shark glider,” has a large following.

The Fortnite Mako recalls a simpler time when glider design was minimal compared to some of the more recently designed skins, such as the Royale Dragon, which cost over $20. The Fortnite Mako is probably at the top of the list for players who want a more stylish look.

 Players are unlikely ever to be able to obtain the Fortnite Mako skin once more. You’re probably out of luck if you cannot get it during Season 1. On January 1, Epic Games made a mistake when the Fortnite Mako skin suddenly became available through the in-game store. Although not on design, this shows that errors can occur. So it’s not entirely out of the question that the skin will be displayed after Season 1.

Why Is the Shark Glider So Rare these days?

This indicates that fewer players were actively attempting to gather skins. Simply put, cosmetic unlocks weren’t as popular as they are now. But the primary reason Season 1 skins are so rare is that they are only retained for one Season. Sadly, this also applies to the Fortnite Mako glider, which many players desire but are unlikely to obtain.

What are the Rarest Gliders in Fortnite?

Throwing one of the rarest Fortnite gliders in your opponent’s face is the best way to make a statement in Fortnite Battle Royale. Many fantastic gliders, including Flying Fish, Snowflake Umbrella, and Royale Dragon, are currently in rotation. But those are not the unique gliders we’re looking for. Following are the rarest gliders in Fortnite.

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  1. Jolly Roger Gliders

The Jolly Roger Glider and the Raptor Glider are comparable in the backstory. No Fortnite players decided to customize the Jolly Roger Glider despite its availability. Despite costing only 500 V Bucks, this Fortnite Season 1 glider was avoided by players, causing the Fortnite Item Shop to go dry for more than a thousand days.

  • Discovery Gliders

Due to its association with one of the most famous Fortnite promotions, the Discovery Glider is one of the most wanted Fortnite gliders in history. Players may know this ad because it features the Galaxy skin from the Most Expensive Skins page. You will be facing a skilled opponent if you encounter this glider.

  • Aerial Assault One

The best glider for high kills, Aerial Assault One, can be seen releasing from the Battle Bus. Another original season glider from Fortnite Season 1 is the aerial assault glider. 

  • Rainbow Rider

A Season 3 Battle Pass skin for Fortnite is called Rainbow Rider. It’s widely believed that Rainbow Rider is a rare Fortnite glider because it comes from an original Fortnite Season Battle Pass. It’s an evil Rainbow Rider that isn’t more popular because the colorful style brings Battle Royale to life.

Your Battle Royale venues will be happy, thanks to the bright rainbow and shooting star details all over this glider. Unfortunately, only original Fortnite players have access to the gift of bringing joy.

  • Mako Glider

The Mako Glider is customized, just as the name suggests. Mako Glider was available to players in the Fortnite Season 1 Shop. Since that Season’s business closed, Mako Glider has not been stocked. The Mako Glider might be the rare glider in Fortnite, given that it only appeared in Season 1.

  • Laser Chomp

Players can purchase Laser Chomp, a Fortnite glider of Legendary rarity, from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1500 V Bucks. Because the Laser Chomp Glider costs a costly 1500 V Bucks in-game, many players choose not to buy it, making it one of the rarest gliders for sharks. Maintain the nautical motif by including a Summer Beach Skin with Laser Chomp.

  • Sir Glider

You should purchase the Sir Glider with one of the Best Fortnite Knight Skins, such as the rarest skin Black Knight. The rarest cosmetics in the game will always be Battle Pass items from Fortnite Chapter 1, and Sir Glider is no exception.

  • Rhinestone Rider

Rhinestone Rider lets you drop in shining style to your Victory Royale. Additionally, Rhinestone Rider is about as beautiful as gliders, so if you have one of the Cutest Fortnite Skins. Instead, Rhinestone Rider has not purchased anything from the Fortnite Item Shop for several years.


After reading this article, it is concluded that the Mako Fortnite glider will likely remain the most difficult in the game as Epic has no plans to release it more than once. One of the first available cosmetic prizes of Season 1 in Fortnite was the Mako glider, which allowed players to add some shark flavor.


What year did the Mako glider for Fortnite debut?

In Fortnite Battle Royale, Mako is an Uncommon Glider that can be acquired by leveling up to 25 during Season 1. Season 1 saw its initial release of it.

What Fortnite umbrella is the rarest?

The first item on this list, the Snowflake Umbrella, is considered the rarest of the rare. This glider stands out from the others on the list since you couldn’t purchase this cosmetic.