Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler (Deceased) was an American nationalist who gained fame through acting, production, and social advocacy. When she was alive, Mary Tyler Moore’s net worth was notable. She has done fantastic work in the showbiz industry. The main reason for her popularity was her shows. The first show in which she took part as host was “The Dick and Dyke Show,” And the second show from which she gained fame was “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

In this article, you will learn many exciting things about your favorite personality, which include an overview of Mary Tyler Moore’s net worth, early life, career, and other interesting, fun facts about her. So, without wasting any further time, let gets start exploring information about Mary Tyler Moore

Early life

The date of birth of Mary Tyler Moore was 29th December 1936. Taylor was born in Brooklyn Heights, New York State, USA. She was a married woman with one child. The name of Mary Tyler Moore is George Tyler Moore, who was a clerk by profession. Her father belonged to Anglican Descent. The name of her mother was Marjo The family of Mary Tyler moved to Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California, shortly thereafter.

The religion of Mary Tyler is Christian, and she was raised Catholic. Mary Tyler grew up in a small apartment, which her father took on rent.

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In the early eight years of her life, she resides in Brooklyn. After that, Mary Tyler with her family moved to Los Angeles, which is a city in California state.

Siblings of Mary Tyler

Goerge Tyler and Marjorie Hackett had three children; Mary Tyler Moore was the first and oldest child. There were two brothers and one sister in the family of Mary Tyler. Below is a list of the names of them.

  • Elizabeth Moore
  • John Moore
  • Liz Moore

When she reached 21, she met with a sad incident of her sister’s (Elizabeth) death. The reason for her sister’s death was overdosing on medicine which is used for painkilling.


Mary Tyler Moore was an educated lady. She starts getting knowledge by going to St. Rose of Lima Parochial school. This school is situated in Queens, Brooklyn, near Tyler’s residence. When Mary Tyler moved to LA, California, she got admission to Saint Ambrose School. She completed her early education at these two schools.

After completing early education, she started getting her high school knowledge by being admitted to Catholic Immaculate Heart High school. She got graduated from this school in 1955.

Personal life

When Mary Tyler Moore finished her education, she married a handsome man named Richard Carleton Meeker. They married in 1955, and Richard was Mary Tyler’s first husband. Richard and Mary stayed in the relationship for six years. Due to undefinable reasons, they got apart in 1961.

It was in 1962 that Mary Tyler Moore married Grant Tinker after divorcing Richard. Grant Tinker was a famous American Enterpriser who remained the Chief Executive Officer at “NBC” for six years (From 1981 to 1986). Grant Tinker is also known for founding an enterprise (MTM Enterprise). He was also a TV producer. Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker stayed in a marriage relationship for almost twenty years. (From 1962 to 1981). The couple separated in 1979, and this separation ended up in divorce in 1981.

Till 1982 Mary Tyler Moore did not affiliate with anyone, and in the last months of 1982, she was again married to Robert Levine. A limited amount of information is available on the Internet regarding Robert Levine. There was a long-term relationship between Mary Tyler Moore and Robert Levine that lasted until Mary Tyler Moore’s death. It was reported on 25th January 2017 that Mary Tyler Moore passed away at the age of 80. She has died in Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.

What effect did Mary Tyler Moore’s marriage have on her net worth?

Marrying famous and wealthy personalities increased Mary Tyler Moore’s net worth significantly.


Mary Tyler Moore had only one son, name of her son was Richie Meeker. Richie Meeker was born on 3rd July 1956 in LA, USA, and died on 14th October 1980.


Mary Tyler Moore started her career when she was a student. As a young woman of 17 years old, she was hired for her first job. Her first job was as an actress in a TV commercial for “Hotpoint Appliances.” Happy Hotpoint is a commercial series of Ozzie and Harriet, which is telecasted on TV during the 1950s.

After that TV commercial, she got recognition in the showbiz industry. Consequently, she got her first TV role in the year 1957. She showed her acting skill in the suspense TV drama “Richard Diamond, Private Detective.” In this Drama, she became a “Mysterious telephone receptionist.” Along with this TV drama, she also appears in several TV series. Some popular TV series and shows about Mary Tyler is as follows.

  • “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”   1970 to 199
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show              1961 to 1966
  • Rhoda                                                   1974 to 1978
  • Hot in Cleveland                              2010 to 2015
  • The 70’s show                                   1988 to 2006
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Reunion 2022

She also contributed much to the film industry while working on TV shows. The first movie in which Mary Tyler took part was “‘ X-15”, a science fiction movie. This movie tells the story of the X-15 research rocket plane program. Along with Mary Tyler Moore, the other star cast who performed in ‘X-15’ was ‘Charles Bronson and David McLean.

  • The other movies in which she acted are below mentioned.
  • Change of Habit
  • The Gin Game
  • The Last Best Year
  • Cheats

Along with the acting, Mary Tyler Moore established a foundation with the help of her husband, Tinker. Mary Tyler Moore’s net worth increased by doing a lot of work in different professions.

Mary Tyler Moore net worth

Mary Tyler Moore belonged to a moderate family who did not have a living home. It is the hard work and dedication of Tyler that she managed to earn a lot of money. When she died, Mary Tyler Moore net worth was $60 million.


What led to the cancellation of the Mary Tyler Moore Show?

Despite Mary Tyler Moore’s desire to continue the series for a couple more seasons, James L Brooks and the writers were eager to end the series.

Does Netflix have The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

Unfortunately, Moore’s most iconic television credit is not currently available for streaming on Netflix, but another popular streaming service offers access to the series. Hulu currently hosts the first three seasons of Moore’s iconic comedy, which ran for seven seasons.

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