Dark Oak Tree Minecraft

If you want to play a fantastic game with many features, you must give it a chance to Minecraft because it is a very popular game with many tools, enchantments, weapons, and many other things for the player.

A player of Minecraft can learn many things and sharpen their mind by playing Minecraft. Minecraft also has many achievement levels that a player can get by following set patterns in the game by using all their thinking capability. Getting or growing a Dark oak tree Minecraft is also a great achievement.

In this article, you will learn a lot of helpful information about dark oak tree Minecraft.

Dark oak tree Minecraft

The feature of the dark oak tree was added in Minecraft with an important game update. The update in which the dark oak tree was added in Minecraft is called 0.9.0. Initially, only oak trees were added to the game, but with the advancement of the game the developer felt the need to add a dark tree.

The location of dark oak tree Minecraft

You can easily find dark oak tree in Minecraft by visiting “Roofed Forests.” Dark oak tree needs a low-light environment to grow fast and properly. The second name of the roofed forest is “Dark Forest.”

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The intensity of light in the roofed forest is very low, that is why these forests are ideal for the sapling and growing of dark oak trees. You can also find “Hostile Mob” here with dark oak trees for spawning purposes because hostile mobs prefer low-light places for spawning.

In the Minecraft game, the “Giant Mushroom” also spawns on dark spaces found in dark or roofed forests. That is why you can also see large quantities of giant mushrooms here.

The physical appearance of dark oak tree Minecraft

If you know about the jungle tree in the Minecraft game, you can easily identify the dark oak tree. Because of the physical appearance, dark oak trees are similar to jungle trees with fewer dissimilarities. The dissimilarities are mentioned below:

  • The length of the jungle tree is high, while dark oak trees are shorter in size.
  • The dark oak trees are stompier as compared to jungle trees.
  • Most of the dark oak trees had no vines on their large trunks.

The uses of dark oak tree Minecraft

The dark oak tree is a very useful plant in the Minecraft game, with many unique qualities. You can see a lot of fallen trees in the Minecraft game, but you would not ever seen any fallen dark oak tree. Because there are only two trees in the Minecraft game that can not be fallen the game, the following are the names of these trees:

  • Dark oak tree Minecraft
  • Acacia tree Minecraft

With the qualities mentioned above, dark oak tree can also be used for multiple purposes. Most importantly, you can use dark oak tree to make dark oak planks. And with the help of dark oak planks, you can make multiple wooden items and tools. Following are the name of some items that you can make with the help of dark oak planks:

  • Pickaxe
  • Shears
  • Hoe
  • Sword

Along with the making of tools, you can also use dark oak tree as fuel for cooking purposes.

What is the procedure of growing a dark oak tree in Minecraft?

The process of growing a dark oak tree is very simple if you know the proper procedure for growing it. If you don’t know about the growing method of oak tree, you can trap in some unfinished cycle and lose hope.


In the Minecraft game, if you want to make a special item or grow something, you must need several ingredients to help you achieve your goal. Similarly, if you want to make a dark oak Minecraft tree, you need specific ingredients. The name of these ingredients is mentioned below:

  • Dark oak sapling               04
  • Bome Meal                         05

Dark oak Sapling

Dark oak sapling is the basic ingredient that is used in the growing of dark oak tree Minecraft. You can get dark oak sapling by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:

The first step in acquiring dark oak saplings is to find a dark oak tree in a dark forest.

Step 2:

Chopping the leaves of dark oak tree is the second step for obtaining a dark oak sapling. You can chop the leaves of a dark oak tree by the following two methods:

  • Chopping by hands
  • Chopping by axe

Both methods can be used for chopping but chopping the tree leaves with the help of an axe is preferable. Many players do a mistake while chopping the tree leaves, which is instead of chopping the leaves, the start chopping the dark oak wood. The player did not find any dark oak sapling as a tree by chopping the wood.

Step 3:

Keep chopping the leaves until “dark oak sapling” falls; when you see the sapling, pick up them instantly before they vanished. The hot bar shows the pieces of sapling once you successfully pick them up.

Bone Meal

You can make a bone meal by putting 01 bone and 01 bone block in a set pattern. Once you get bone meals, add them in your inventory.

The procedure of growing a dark oak tree in Minecraft


After getting the ingredients, make some necessary preparation. Which are stated below:

  • Use dust from grass block
  • Appropriate light source
  • The dark oak sapling must be on the top of every block

Now move towards the procedure of growing dark oak tree Minecraft by following the steps below:

Step 1: 2×2 crafting table

To grow a dark oak tree, you need a crafting table that has 2×2 grids in it.

Step 2: Dark oak sapling

In the second step, you must place the sapling collected from the method mentioned above in the crafting table.

Step 3: Start growing dark oak sapling

Now you must start growing the dark oak sapling with the help of bone meal. You can select the bone meal from your hot bar(located on the footer of the game screen). Wait for some seconds until green particles start appearing.

Step 4: Adding dark oak tree in the inventory

After waiting for some time, dark oak tree Minecraft will appear. Just add the tree in your inventory for future use.


Dark oak tree Minecraft is a useful item among unlimited resources in the game. After reading this article, you learn a lot about dark oak tree, including all the necessary information you must know to excel in the game.


What are the spawning locations of dark oak biomes?

This plant was first introduced to Minecraft in version 1.7.2 under the acacia. Natural sources of this material are found only in one biome  the dense, dark-roofed forest. This biome is characterized by dense growth of trees so close to one another that hostile mobs are often able to spawn during the day.

Are dark oak trees capable of growing from a single sapling?

You will need four saplings in order to grow a Dark Oak tree. Other trees in the Overworld can be grown from a single sapling.

Minecraft has dark oak, but is it rare?

As with other woods in Minecraft, this wood serves the same purpose. There is, however, a darker tint to this stone, and it is rarer. The Roofed forest biome in Minecraft has a large supply of dark oak wood. The biome is a little hard to locate in the game.

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